About Me


I have always been a healer and had a connection to the universe even before I could remember. When I was young, wild animals were drawn to me and I didn’t quite understand why. I could pet full-grown wild raccoons; handle chipmunks; pet wild deer – all of which would come to me on their own. I would routinely find myself wandering into the woods in order to connect with nature and the animals. I didn’t understand at the time, but when someone I knew was injured or severely ill, I would sit for hours in my room praying and sending healing to them. Within a day or two, they would have a complete turn around in their health, which was unexplained by their doctors.

With also being highly intuitive and an Empath, I have been able to feel what others were feeling. When I was younger, this made it difficult to separate their pain from my own. Over the years, I have learned how to distinguish someone else’s energy from my own, allowing me to promote healing directly to that person. With also being able to connect with someone on an intuitive level, it has allowed me to be more in touch with that person’s energy, allowing the healing to flow naturally to where it was needed.

As I have gotten older, I have learned more about my abilities, connected to my inner being and became more in tune with the universe. I have opened myself up to more of the natural gifts I was born with. I have learned how to use my intuition and incorporate it into my daily life. I have visions and also receive messages from the other side. I use each of these gifts during a healing session to allow the best possible healing for that person.

Although I have always been a healer, my official healing path began with training to become a Reiki Master many years ago and has evolved since then. From there, I studied another form of healing called Divine Grace Healing. Recently, I have transitioned my energy healing by studying under Dr. Eric Pearl, the Founder of Reconnective Healing.

Although I have studied under these amazing people and learned more about energy healing, my healing is more natural in that I use intuition, my ability to feel what the other person is feeling, my ability to see within a persons energy and allow the energy to flow where it is needed. During a session, I connect with both my Guides and the other person’s Guides. If that person’s body is not quite ready for the healing, the healing is done on the Etheric Body,which extends ¼” to 2” from his/her physical body.

By using these gifts, I hope to help others heal and find balance within, bringing more light and peace into a chaotic world.

Love and light to all!