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Seeing Your Own Beauty and Self-Worth.

In this day and age of technology, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms, it seems depression, anxiety and low self-worth are becoming more prevalent. Fighting inner demons and having daily struggles is not a new thing. We saw our parents and grandparents struggle daily with some of these very same issues. The one major thing that has changed today compared to then, is that everyone has access to everyone else’s life at the click of a phone or computer keyboard.  With everything readily available on the many different social platforms, we find ourselves comparing our lives to the lives of others rather than just being happy with who we are or what we have. We have gotten so wrapped up in the “perfect life” that we are forgetting to live and enjoy our own life.  When we try to engage and interact with others online, people are so quick to judge us and make us feel bad about ourselves.  We find that one wrong comment, picture, status update, etc. will lead to others bashing us, belittling us or worse threatening us.  But why?  Why do we, as humans, feel that it is okay to bring others down or make it appear that our lives are picturesque just to make others like us? Why do we need to be validated by someone else who really may not even know us?

When we compare ourselves to others or have to feel the wrath of others because “we don’t’ think the same, look the same or believe the same” every minute of the day, this makes our inner battles even worse.  Some days may be better than others, but other days may be much worse – so much that it is hard to get out of bed and face the day – or worse that one may not actually want to face another day.  Rather than being able to see what we have to offer others, we look at ourselves as not worthy or that others would be better off without us. Why is this?  Why are we not able to see our own beauty, our own self-worth within ourselves?

When we add the daily stresses of trying to make enough money to pay the bills, taking on way too much in order to get ahead, dealing with a coworker that only wants to make our lives miserable or listening to someone tell us that we are stupid online while they hide behind their computer, it really makes it hard for someone to actually see their own beauty within – to see what great things that person has to offer to just one other person.

In this day and age, how do we reclaim our self-worth without needing approval from anyone else? How do we break the patterns we have established and put in place for ourselves that allow us to feel less than we are?  Sadly, I do not have all of the answers as I struggle from this each and every day myself. I will tell you that I am slowly working to reclaim my life and to see the beauty I once saw in myself.  Each day, I find the strength to stand on my own two feet and try to make a conscious decision to not let others affect how I perceive myself. I do fall into the same patterns, in that, I feel the need to “prove” myself worthy.  However, I no longer go out of my way to engage in conversations on social medias that I know will lead to others bashing me or making me feel less than what I am.  I try to look at other people’s posts and know that their lives are no better than mine.  Yes, they may have a bigger house, be able to travel more, or buy more, but I try to remind myself to feel proud of where I am and what I have accomplished. I draw on the inner strength that has gotten me this far in order to get me through the harder days.

To get me through the toughest of days or even the toughest of decisions, I look to my inner self to guide the way. This is the voice within me that knows me best and will never send me down the wrong path. This is the voice we were all born with to help guide us through the hardships and lessons of this life. This voice, this inner intuition, will always be there no matter where or when we need it. It is that light that is within you, ready to shine and guide you out of the dark. Look within and the answers will always be there. As I listen, I know I am worthy, I am beautiful and I have so much to offer others because I am “me” and there is no one else on this earth that is the same as “me”.

When you are struggling, look within and know you are also very special. You hold something that no one else has, your own uniqueness. You are the only one who has this to offer. This is something your friends and family need and even the world needs. Do not let anyone take that away from you or convince you that you are not special or worthy.

Love and light!

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