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Looking behind the smile of a woman…

When you encounter a woman, who smiles and appears to have it altogether, don’t just assume she has the picture-perfect life as it appears.  Pay attention to how she reacts when she smiles. Does she instantly look away to avoid anyone finding out what is truly inside? Does she smile and quickly walk away to avoid a conversation? Is there a gleam in her eyes to go with that smile?  When she is not smiling and looking directly at you, does that smile fade and a distant sadness come over her?

These are just some of the things that may happen when a person is struggling within.  Behind her beautiful smile, she may secretly be in agony.  Behind her perfect life, she may have many hidden struggles that make it hard to face the next day.  However, you would never know because she has gotten great at hiding the pain deep inside.  She has gotten so good at portraying a strong, independent woman who has it altogether.  She has gotten so good at convincing others that she can handle anything that is thrown her way.  When in fact, she is slowly dying inside and not sure if she can make it to another day. Her chest hurts from the anxieties of the stresses on her shoulders, her heart breaks from the loneliness she feels deep inside, her soul dies because she feels like a failure when she cannot handle the next pressure thrown at her, she feels inadequate when she tries her hardest to do everything asked, but it is never enough, and the shine that was once within is no longer there as it dims a little more each day from all of the heartache she feels. The weight of the days, slowly strip every ounce of her being to the point of exhaustion. You will never see that because it is hidden so well.

Pay close attention to the hidden signs because those may be the only glimpse that you may get to truly know what lies behind that smile. Chances are, if you see any of these signs, this strong independent woman you see, may just be the facade she built to hide the truth. These signs may be the only cry for help that she truly ever shows. They may be the only things that stand between her being here today, but not tomorrow.  Pay close attention to what lies behind the smile.

Note: This is a little different than I usually write about, but I thought it was an important subject to cover as I know of several strong women who are struggling with different issues. Not all will have the same outcome and most women will prevail to only get stronger. However, some women are teatering between making it another day or giving up on tomorrow. My love to all of those who find this close to home. I pray that this helps just one person realize how much you are struggling and helps you to see the light within again.

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