Spiritual Journey

Finding and Keeping the Light Within

We are all born with this bright light within us, this reminder of who we are and who we are meant to become. When we are born, we have a purity and innocence about us that others cannot quite figure out. We shine brightly for all to see. Everyone is drawn to this purity, this innocence, this bright shining we possess.

As we get older, we slowly forget this internal light and how it is meant to guide us. The negativity of the world slowly begins to affect us, makes us doubt all that we were born to believe and slowly hides this bright light from us. The world around us begins to tell us what we are meant to believe, how we are meant to feel and what exactly we are meant to become. Our beliefs, our internal teachings, and our knowledge of what more there is or what we truly are – this pure light is pushed away by the influence of others.

As the light slowly hides, we begin to question who we are or why we are really here. We get lost and wander in the darkness. Frustrations of life set in and dim the light even further. We live with a constant battle or longing for something we cannot quite figure out. For some, this darkness gets too much to bear to where they decide to leave early. For others, this darkness turns into sickness, making it hard for the body to constantly handle the sadness from the darkness within.

For those of us who continue to trudge forward, hoping to find what we feel is missing, life will continue to throw us curve balls or lessons to help us find that light again. As hard as it is to believe or think about at that particular moment, these lessons, these so-called curve balls, are things we needed to learn. They are experiences we pre-chose prior to being born. These lessons are there to help us evolve while we are here and guide us back to whom we truly are. Some of these lessons will be much harder than we feel we will be able to survive, while others may seem like a walk in the park. There will be paths to choose from as you push through each of these lessons. As you choose the path you are to take, remember that light is still within you. It is there to guide you and lead you to where you need to go. It has not left you. You merely need to look deep within and it will be there for you once again.

As we find the light and listen to its guidance once again, life gets easier. Everything about life seems to fall into place and is just as it was meant to be. As we live the path we were meant to live, the darkness, the longing for what was lost, disappears. If we are not careful, the world will begin to influence us once gain. Just remember to not let yourself fall into darkness. Be sure to keep following and listening to the light within you. It will always help guide you along the right path. It is and always will be there for you.

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