Spiritual Journey

Life’s Path

We are all born with a predetermined path for this lifetime. This path is the one that we decided upon prior to coming back to experience another lifetime here on earth. This path is designed around what we feel our soul needs to learn while we are here. However, when we are born the memories of this path do not follow us. Instead, we need to remember what that path is along the way. Although our mind does not remember, our soul always does.

As we grow and learn, we make many decisions along the way. Some decisions will be harder, while some will be easier. Each person’s path will also be different as the lesson is for that person and that person only. Yes, we will cross the path of others who we were meant to meet. However, the lesson from that meeting will be different for each person involved.

As you travel through your journey here, your soul will let you know when you deviate from the path you were supposed to travel. You will begin to feel lost and things will get much, much harder for you. You will also have this very bad nagging in the pit of your stomach – like there is something missing in your life. However, you won’t quite be able to put your finger on it.

As you listen to your inner self or soul and you once again begin to follow the path you were meant to follow, things will smooth out for you. You will feel like you have a purpose in life. All will seem well and just, as it should be.

Each time you begin to deviate from the path you were meant to take, hardship and obstacles will seem to pop up each time. These hardships or obstacles are not meant to punish you or create a hard life for you. Although you may feel like you did something wrong, this is not the case. They are simply to help guide you back to the path you are meant to take.

As you travel though life, be sure to pay attention to yourself and the things that are happening around you. By paying attention, you will see the miracles and guidance along the way. These will help guide you to follow your soul and experience what you need to in this lifetime.

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