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Becoming Ordained

I recently became ordained. I decided to do this, not to be able to perform weddings, funerals, or things like that. It is possible that I may decide to do that later on (although I am not a fan of being in front of people), but becoming ordained was as part of my own spiritual evolution. This was a tough decision for me as I battled myself within. I had thought about it for quite a long time, but never actually did it because I thought I had to “fit this perfect little mold” of being a follower of God. I am very spiritual. I do believe in many things, such as helping others, being there, giving my time as much as possible and yes, as part of my spirituality, I do believe in God or a higher being. However, I swear quite frequently, I will have a glass or two of wine and I will not always make the right decisions. It wasn’t until recently that I realized, becoming ordained did not mean I had to be perfect. It doesn’t mean I need to give up certain things in my life just because I chose to take this step in my life. For me, this is a commitment to evolve and accept others for who they are. It is to remind me to remember the good things, rather than the bad. It is to help me make the better choices instead of falling into the all too easy bad choices that are out there. The world also seems to be so full of hate, negativity and all about a person’s own self, that I needed to make a change for the positive rather than falling into the negativity all around.

As we spiritually evolve to become a better being in this world, we separate from the “it’s all about me” attitude and realize there is so much more than just us living on this planet. We recognize that others have struggles as well and that this world was truly meant to be a place of growth and evolution during the short time we are here. For me, my mission while here is to learn as much as possible and also do as many things I am able to for others. This does not mean I need to wear myself to the point of exhaustion or fall victim to those who would take advantage of my kindness. It means, I want and need to look at life in a different way than society is trying to push me – that of love, light and kindness rather than hate, negativity, and anger.

As we are here and influenced by the media, the craziness of life, the negative things others say and do to us along the way, we often forget this. We forget we are good, we are caring, we actual do love and feel for others, and we are here to help them evolve as well. Unfortunately, not being accepted as an individual is also encouraged rather than looking at that person and seeing what he/she has to offer to the world.

Our time here was not intended to be full of hate, anger and animosity for others. We are here to learn, evolve and make decisions that fit the lessons we came here to learn. Being hateful, angry and having animosity for others blocks us from following our path. We need to break this pattern and remember the good in life and in others. We do not need to “fit” any person’s idea of what they think we should be. We are our own person and as such, the only one who can make decisions for ourselves.

Being ordained was part of what I felt was necessary for me. This does not mean, you, the reader of my path needs to do the same. Follow your own path and evolve into what you feel you need to be while here. You, and only you, can decide this for yourself.

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